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4M Tin Can Cable Car

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Build a cable car from a used soft drink can with this award winning Tin Can Cable Car kit from 4M. All the mechanics needed to install it in your bedroom is included so you can watch it run up and down. Learn what it takes to build your own cable car and then watch your motorised cable car run to and fro, just like the real thing!

 Contains 1 wheel support, 1 reversing shaft, 2 cable stop halves sets (4pcs), 1 medium pulley wheel, 1 large pulley wheel, 1 motor housing, 1 battery cover, 1 string, 2 elastic bands, 1 large wheel locks, 1 medium wheel spindle, 1 motor pulley wheel, 1 motor cover, 1 motor, 2 side wheel locks, 2 side wheels, 1 swivel joint lock, 4 terminal caps, 4 screws, 1 can spindle, 1 can sticker. Also requires 2 "AAA", 1.5V batteries (not included). Screw driver for cross head screws required from home, please ask an adult for assistance. You need to recycle a used soda can to complete the project.

Sales price $ 28.99


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